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I recently had the revelation that I needed to have my chakras cleared and body expelled of the negative energy that bound up in me over the recent past, as a result of taking on other humans’ negativity through my job and interpersonal relationships.  As a Reiki practioner for over 16 years, I lost my focus on my ability to access the gift that I possess to channel my energy and heal others as a result of this.

I found Geralene as a result of my web search, during my Sunday morning coffee and immediately emailed her.  I received a response that same day and she openly offered to talk by phone.

Upon hearing my story, Geralene told me that I still had my gift and a session with her was not required.

While discussing this with her, I could immediately sense the rush of energy radiate through my body and my awareness of this magnified.  I knew I needed a full session and Geralene agreed.

The healing session with me was no less that the miracles I had come to expect as a result of many healings I channeled through others through my past experience. 

Three days after our session, I was feeling rushes of energy and was curious.  I emailed Geralene and found out she was providing energy to me at times and for specific reasons.

One session and I am back on track and effectively sharing my gift again!

Geralene is a warm and powerful person, who shares openly and intuitively knows what is needed to establish and channel the healing process in others.  I am blessed to have found Geralene on my journey and am honored to share this with those that can benefit from her gift.

Brian C.

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