Holistic health practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons, and energy healing sessions are not licensed by the state but are complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the state. Practitioners do not diagnose conditions or diseases, do not prescribe any drugs/substances, and do not make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.

   There are many forms of "healings" which are accomplished in various ways, and there are a variety of healing modalities to choose from.  Having an open mind without any blocks is beneficial. Some people can feel the energy as it moves into their body. Everyone has their own experience and each healing will be different.   

   Typically after clearing stagnant energy, this may boost vigor and resiliency, and correct potential health problems at the source - before they take root in your physical body. After a session, clients claim they may feel very calm and relaxed, notice enhanced breathing, feel much lighter and some have reduced pain or no pain at all.

   I use many forms of energy healing . . . some hands on . . . some without touch. It's your choice. I believe the essence of the "energy" that I utilize comes from a divine source and can also be thought of as unconditional love. I make myself an instrument for this loving energy to come through. Some tools that I may use throughout the session to promote relaxation may consist of aromatherapy, guided imagery, breathing, sound, meditation and crystals. My spiritual and holisticcounseling offer some lifestyle tools to assist you at home.
   This involves treating your body, mind, and spirit. Whether on an emotional, intellectual, physical or spiritual level, I'm able to remove blockages in your chakras and also your aura. A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion where life force energy enters and exits the body and its surrounding organs or glands, which govern other body parts. The aura is an electro-magnetic field that surrounds the physical body. 

   Many times emotional or mental issues may block the chakras from functioning properly, allowing the body to not receive vital life force energy - possibly causing dis-ease. Energy healing helps to remove such blockages in a person's energy field, which then enables them to heal themselves.


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