You can't spell GERALENE without these letters . . . A N G E L

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  From the very first time I met Geralene, I knew she was special and felt connected to her immediately.  

On Christmas Eve 2015, I would find out just how special!

A dear friend was losing her valiant battle against ovarian cancer . . . she was at home in hospice care.  As I entered her room that morning and saw that her Christmas cactus had bloomed (no one can remember the last time it had), I had a sense that I should call out from work.  After all, everything happens for a reason . . . Cheryl was extremely agitated and restless that morning, and it seemed like nothing we did could make her comfortable.  It came up that she enjoyed her Reiki sessions from Hospice, but unfortunately seeing how it was Christmas Eve, that wasn't a possibility.  It took only minutes for me to remember that Geralene did Reiki and I called her and left a message.  She was at the house in 30 minutes.  

As she walked in the house, I had Gizmo, Cheryl's beloved doggie in my arms and her little heart was beating a mile a minute.  Geralene immediately laid hands on her and I could feel her heart start to slow and return to a more normal beat.  I knew this was going to be special!

I'm not sure how much time Geralene stayed, but in the time she was there, she brought peace to all of us that were present, and most importantly to Cheryl.  Cheryl no longer moaned or had a distressed look on her face . . . rather, she looked the most comfortable I had seen her in days.  Cheryl was no longer able to speak, but Geralene was able to pass her thoughts on to us.  I'm a believer anyway, but even if you were skeptical, this would make you believe. She gave us messages that could only have come from Cheryl, like the "fun car".  Cheryl wanted to make sure that Maryanne kept the convertible Mustang.

Geralene asked if Cheryl had a special chair - she wanted to make sure that when Maryanne was missing her that she knew she could sit in this chair and Cheryl would hug her.  Sure enough, the only chair that Cheryl ever sat in was a recliner in the living room; and it was without a doubt "her chair".

I could go on and on, it was a most amazing time and Geralene had messages for all of us.

I was surprised that Cheryl held on to life for 6-7 more hours, but when she finally passed with only Maryanne in the house, I am convinced it was in total peace and that Geralene Valentine facilitated that for her . . . for us!

Mary Z. 


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