INCREDIBLE!  The happiest and most relaxed I've ever seen her!  And BRAVE.  In the past I could never get her to go on the playground and do monkey bars, rock climbing or anything.  After a session with Geralene, my daughter’s friend invited her rock climbing and she scrambled as fast as she could to the top!  On every single climb!  No fear at all.  Her friend didn't make it to the top on anything.  She begged me to take her back so we went yesterday and the instructor said to me, “She has done this for a while huh?”  I said, “No, second time.” He was in shock.  She was climbing intermediate stuff.  And the confidence . . . he would say to her, “Now most people don't like this part because you have to turn your body upside down.”  Her response, “I can do it!”  What?!?!?!  Who is this child?!? 

I asked her how her head felt and she said, ”light". 

So needless to say, my 8 year-old daughter adores her "new friend Geralene". Yeah!!!   She wants to come back, which is awesome!!

Additional messages:

[My daughter] absolutely LOVED seeing you today.  She was so happy when she got out of class and couldn't stop talking.  Thanks for all the love you give us!

Her ankle feels FANTASTIC!  She has been very "mindful" and has really stayed off of it . It's not swollen and when I touch it she says it feels completely "normal".

I feel so much better!  After our session I went home, had lunch and slept from 1:00 to 3:15.  Out cold.  The heaviest sleep I've had in years!  Something worked.  And my lower back feels great! 

AMAZING! I went to yoga yesterday and it was the first time EVER I could put my arms over my head without my traps engaging!!!  It felt so good!!!

Just wanted to stop and take a minute to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you and love that you are in my family's life.

Linda M.




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