Holistic health practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons, and energy healing sessions are not licensed by the state but are complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the state. Practitioners do not diagnose conditions or diseases, do not prescribe any drugs/substances, and do not make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.


I met Geralene through my holistic therapist several years ago.  I cannot remember why I went to see her for the first time.  That hardly matters now because she has so positively affected my life in so many ways since. Her healing, wisdom, and gentle mentorship have had lasting impacts. 

Geralene has worked with me for many reasons.  The most dramatic healing had to do with my wrist.  My son had acid reflux when he was born.  For 2 years he did not eat, take a bottle or sleep.  I held him constantly or else he would scream.  Holding him for 2 years straight wrecked my wrist.  During surgery, my doctor said cutting through my tendons was like cutting through petrified wood.  For a couple of years after the surgery, I had pain in my wrist and it was very, very weak.  I thought I would need surgery again, until I saw Geralene.  Geralene's healing work was always evident in my pain level within a day.  On a scale of 1-10, my pain would go from 7/8 to 0/1.  My strength would return.  I would remain pain free and strong for a while (about 4-6 months), until the pain would return again, almost overnight.  I would then meet with her for another healing.  After several of these cycles over the course of about two years, my pain is permanently relieved and my strength today remains normal.  I have been pain free for two years.  

Geralene also introduced me to chakras and the vital importance of having clear energy paths, which in turn, allows for me to have higher functioning physical and mental states.  Opening and clearing my chakras and the energetic healing work she does with me, marries beautifully with the work I do with my holistic therapist.  I believe Geralene is key to the heart, mind, body dynamic.  We have had many conversations that make me think, that encourage me to grow.  I know her work allows me to live a more open, mindful and spiritual life.  

It is so easy to connect with Geralene.  She has a warm, sweet, soft personality that puts you at ease.  Her house, where she does her work, could be from a fairytale.  It's fitting.  Her intuitiveness is spot on and immediately creates a level of trust.  Geralene is part of my very trusted inner circle of health advocates, mentors and providers.  She is a true healer, in every sense of the word. 

Sasha S.

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