I met Geralene the day my wife Lou and I went to visit my sister Cheryl who was dying from Ovarian Cancer.

When we walked into the house we were told to come into Cheryl's bedroom.  Geralene, Maryanne (my sister’s partner), my sister Beth and a very good friend Mary were also in the room.  We were asked to put our hands on Cheryl.  My wife being a believer in what was going on, immediately touched Cheryl.  As for me I didn't believe in the fact that anyone can connect with the spirit of someone.  I was about to walk out of the room but someone stopped me and placed my hand on Cheryl's leg.

What happened in the time we were in the room changed my mind on what Geralene was doing.  Geralene, who never met or talked to my sister, was telling us things Cheryl had talked to us about.  Cheryl passed away 7 hours later, Christmas Eve 2016.  At Cheryl's wake Geralene came, and when she took my hand to tell me she was sorry I had to tell her when I walked into that room that day I was very skeptical on what she was doing.  She told us things that she shouldn't have known and with that I became a believer.

We have had other signs from Cheryl that she is watching over us.  So if you were to ask me if I believe in someone connecting with spirits . . . I would tell you 100% absolutely yes!

Ernie C.


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